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le TBN, still as borign as always
Posted by Anonymous on Thu 25th Oct 2012 02:00
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  1. and yet again, one of the wonderful stupidity laced run-ins with the holy-brony-circlejerk-cult of TBN
  3. lets all metaphorically masturbate eachother over irc, and whine and moan, when someone does'nt share the same delusional worldview in which everything is rainbows and  poniez and everything stupid, as we never fell facedown from the stairs into a pile of rusty nails, and henceforth are oblivious to anything but our own conformist worldview in which we jerk eachother off repetetively.
  6. [01:54:49] <+Claudy> as apparently some users think that even adress blocks located in motherfucking sweden, and belonging to seedboxes were /riaa/ trackers....
  7. [01:54:58] <+Claudy> SERIOUSLY
  8. [01:55:10] <+Claudy> WF
  9. [01:55:13] <+Claudy> WTF*
  10. [01:55:29] <+Mako> could just be the RIAA going in and intentionally trying to fuck with the program
  11. [01:56:16] <+Mako> or pro-copyright trolls
  12. [01:56:35] <+Mako> ^annoying fuckers, have to deal with 'em every wednesday to get mah comics
  13. [01:57:43] <+Mako> i miss demonoid .-.
  14. [02:03:30] <+Claudy> lol
  15. [02:03:59] <+Claudy> jewmonoid
  16. [02:04:22] <+Claudy> the only thing i really miss from it is its large collection of random
  17. [02:05:59] <+Zearen> Claudy:  Is there anything you don't automatically criticize ?
  18. [02:06:09] <+Mako> it was the best resource for comics
  19. [02:06:22] <+Claudy> sure there is Zearen
  20. [02:06:47] <+Zearen> Huh.  Just checking
  21. [02:06:54] <+Claudy> though, not being critical shows an absence of thinking things over, in general
  22. [02:08:37] <+Zearen> ...
  23. [02:08:58] <+Claudy> the things i barely criticize are my own pawsomeness, the trollyness i can cause, and the reactive stupidity of most people who just /dont seem to get it/
  24. [02:09:22] <+Zearen> That's... kind of my point
  25. [02:09:24] <+Claudy> wat
  26. [02:09:37] <+Zearen> And it's irritating
  27. [02:09:49] <+Mako> over criticizing shows the lack of mental faculties to communicate with other human beings civilly
  28. [02:09:56] <+Zearen> ^
  29. [02:10:12] <+Claudy> meh
  30. [02:10:26] Claudy rolls her eyes
  31. [02:11:28] <+Claudy> most humans dont interest me anyway, for various reasons
  32. [02:11:33] <+Mako> saying, hinting, or implying "other peoples feelings aren't my problem" just admits the truth in that.
  33. [02:11:41] <+Claudy> sure...
  34. [02:12:12] <+Claudy> welcome to life beyond 25
  35. [02:13:15] <+Mako> only because you choose it to be, easier for you to dismiss everyone else not agreeing with you then to take the bigger picture into consideration.
  36. [02:13:27] TB0110 [colloquy-i@B9545741.5B70EC5.99AB2991.IP] has joined #teenbaby
  37. [02:13:28] [Furbot] [~Furbot@tbn-83DBA939] has set mode +v TB0110
  38. [02:13:35] <+Claudy> i honestly cant give a single fuck what some dumbass brained snotnose is trying to obnoxiously imply on me, as it just shows their lack of experience in the game called life
  39. [02:13:49] TheBrain0110 [] has quit IRC: Connection reset by peer
  40. [02:13:52] TB0110 [colloquy-i@B9545741.5B70EC5.99AB2991.IP] is now known as TheBrain0110
  41. [02:14:02] <+Zearen> True critical thought involves constantly criticizing your own world view.
  42. [02:14:16] Claudy hands you a capt. obvious card
  43. [02:14:29] <+Claudy> gj
  44. [02:14:53] <+Zearen> There is also a difference between theory and practice :/
  45. [02:14:55] <+Claudy> i'm criticizing my life every day
  46. [02:15:02] <+Mako> not really fooling anyone claudy, your getting defensive and just trying to put up a wall that just makes you look stupider
  47. [02:15:17] <+Claudy> blåh
  48. [02:15:23] <+Claudy> you should become a priest Mako
  49. [02:15:26] <+Mako> you don't have to be an overly critical dick, when the subject doesn't matter
  50. [02:15:48] <+Claudy> meh
  51. [02:15:49] <+Mako> it'd make good money, have to much of a conscience to fake faith
  52. [02:16:02] <+Claudy> maybe i should become less cynical of life
  53. [02:16:20] <+Claudy> but then again, cutting out the stupid parts of my life seems to give me more value for my money
  54. [02:16:31] <+Claudy> just become less cynical of life*
  55. [02:17:51] <+Claudy> i always put up walls between stupid people and me Mako
  56. [02:18:12] <+Claudy> its a defense mechanism i learned myself to tune out the excessive stupidity of people around me
  57. [02:18:19] <+Mako> you label everyone who's not you as stupid
  58. [02:18:24] <+Claudy> i dont
  59. [02:18:31] <+Mako> or disagrees with your view point
  60. [02:18:34] <+Claudy> that would be sorta... discriminatory
  61. [02:18:38] <+Claudy> also; nope
  62. [02:18:47] <+Claudy> i got people i genuinely care for
  63. [02:18:49] <+Mako> you say that, but act to the contrary
  64. [02:18:56] <+Claudy> sure....
  65. [02:19:27] <+Zearen> Claudy, am I stupid ?
  66. [02:19:39] <+Zearen> Because I'm really not :/
  67. [02:19:48] <+Claudy> thats prolly why i got my own butt-tight li'l fanclub of peoiple who can stand my nasty and spiked wordings
  68. [02:19:53] <+Zearen> I'm not a genius, but I'm certainly not stupid.
  69. [02:20:01] <+Claudy> you're just sometimes... a bit annoying, but meh
  70. [02:20:22] <+Claudy> there are worse people on this planet, who manifest their stupidity in RL, and irradiate me with it
  71. [02:21:14] <+Claudy> as i'm sometimes sharing the same room with them
  72. [02:21:23] <+Mako> i'm yet to encounter any of those people, i doubt their existance outside of your perception to help you cope with the loneliness you inflict upon yourself. Then deal with by telling yourself no one else matters and elevating yourself in a transparent arrogant boast
  73. [02:21:48] <+Claudy> blåh
  74. [02:21:58] Claudy le sighs
  75. [02:22:35] <+Claudy> i like your apparent judgmentalness bro
  76. [02:22:47] <+Mako> just call it how i see it bro
  77. [02:22:56] <+Zearen> There is always apprehension in change, especially when you must admit you were wrong
  78. [02:22:58] <+Claudy> i'm not lonely
  79. [02:23:09] <+Claudy> i'm mostly just incredibly bored
  80. [02:23:44] <+Mako> yes, because mere mortals bug you? or some such variation
  81. [02:23:47] <+Claudy> since there is nothing really to challenge me
  82. [02:23:57] <+Mako> called it
  83. [02:24:39] <+Mako> you're sitting on an irc channel populated by people who like to wear diapers. really looks like your going out and taking up challenges
  84. [02:24:46] <+Mako> *you're
  85. [02:24:51] <+Claudy> no, not because mortals bug me, mostly just because people should stop bothering me for the most repetetive fucking stupid things
  86. [02:25:22] <+Claudy> i got my reasons to be here, tbh
  87. [02:26:20] <+Mako> you just said the exact same thing as i did
  88. [02:26:28] <+Zearen> Claudy:  Learn haskell.  Then write a website with Snap.  That should present sufficient challenge.
  89. [02:26:30] <+Claudy> and yeah, theres really much to get challenged by in my direct environment, except... theres not
  90. [02:27:09] <+Claudy> yay, learn a programming language....
  91. [02:27:29] <+Claudy> >mfw i got about the atentionspan of a common cat
  92. [02:28:18] <+Claudy> i'd rather build my own shack, but thus far i've got really little money to spend on fucking anything
  93. [02:28:21] <+Mako> well, guess you're not that great then
  94. [02:28:39] <+Zearen> ^
  95. [02:28:50] <+Claudy> i'm pretty pawsome tbh
  96. [02:28:56] <+Mako> but let me guess, it's trivial to your magnificence
  97. [02:29:24] <+Zearen> I'm done.  You complain about not being challenged, then you complain that something would be too challenging
  98. [02:29:27] <+Mako> you really don't fool anyone claudy, the act is old and tired and just annoys people.
  99. [02:29:36] <+Claudy> sure
  100. [02:29:39] <+Zearen> Contradiction achieved.   I'm done.
  101. [02:29:51] <+Claudy> whatthefuck ever
  102. [02:30:14] <+Claudy> i honestly dont feel like even sharing a single bit of my life with people like you
  103. [02:30:23] <+Mako> but of course, you'll just rationalize it as us being beneath you and tell yourself our opinions don't matter because of whatever mental gymnastics you'll pull
  104. [02:30:52] <+Claudy> but maybe it has more to do with your assinine attitude and less with me
  105. [02:31:27] <+Mako> yes, it's everyone elses fault that people get annoyed at you claudy
  106. [02:31:33] <+Claudy> well, yeah
  107. [02:31:42] <+Claudy> its YOUR fault, if I offend YOU
  108. [02:32:07] <+Zearen> D:
  109. [02:32:10] <+Mako> and here goes the mental gymnastics to cope with being criticized for your assinine behaviour towards people
  110. [02:32:20] <+Zearen> |||||||||D
  111. [02:32:26] <+Claudy> i honestly cant give a fuck more or less if ME being my cynical self is poisonous to your self esteem
  112. [02:32:27] <+Zearen> * |||||||||||||||D:
  113. [02:32:51] <+Claudy> maybe you shoulda fell down the stairs more, or so
  114. [02:32:55] <+Mako> yes, continue to rationalize how your problems are the fault of everyone else
  115. [02:32:59] <+Zearen> That's my chin drooping to the floor in utter aghast
  116. [02:33:07] <+Zearen> If you couldn't tell
  117. [02:33:12] <+Zearen> Later, zombies
  118. [02:33:13] <+Mako> sokay zie
  119. [02:33:16] <+Claudy> so my li'l ball of poison doesnt hurts so much
  120. [02:34:25] <+Claudy> i surely will Mako, its my utter pleasure
  121. [02:34:33] <+Mako> and we have the flowery language to attempt to build up your self image, which everyone face palms at as it just ends up sounding dumb. no claudy, you're cynicism towards trivial things is not a ball of poison. it's a buzzing fly people are trying to wave off
  122. [02:34:48] <+Claudy> meh
  123. [02:35:10] <+Mako> but then you feign apathy and retort with more flowery language how your so awesome and everyone else is the problem
  124. [02:35:18] <+Mako> *you're
  125. [02:35:21] <+Claudy> well sure....
  126. [02:35:26] <+Claudy> great analytics....
  127. [02:35:30] <+Claudy> but...
  128. [02:35:32] <+Claudy> nope
  129. [02:35:35] <+Mako> you're not that hard to analyze
  130. [02:35:50] <+Claudy> i c
  131. [02:36:05] <+Claudy> hence you can only analyze the outer layer, and think you know everything
  132. [02:36:51] <+Claudy> just like about every fucking stupid person out there, that tried and failed...
  133. [02:37:03] <+Mako> you're lonely for reasons you create, lash out at others through critical jabs to try and demonstrate how smart and above others you are.
  134. [02:37:21] <+Claudy> sure
  135. [02:38:08] <+Claudy> i wish i was fucking lonely for once
  136. [02:38:32] <+Claudy> those days when i got noone to bother me for 24/48/72 hours, are some of the best moments in my life
  137. [02:38:58] <+Claudy> it are also some of the moments when i really feel at ease
  138. [02:40:06] <+Mako> you've already consistantly demonstrated the narrative, yes you can make contrary statements. But your actions speak louder then words. It's a low self-esteem case, so you create a persona to cope with that.
  139. [02:40:19] Claudy yawmns
  140. [02:40:44] <+Mako> we won't go anywhere, you're too defensive at the moment. doubtful you have the mental fortitude to actually look within and see your problems are your own. not the rest of the world being wrong
  141. [02:40:52] <+Mako> going to go snuggle zie for now
  142. [02:40:56] Mako snuggles zie!
  143. [02:40:57] <+Claudy> have fun
  144. [02:41:08] <+Claudy> and yes, ofcourse i am defensive
  145. [02:42:14] <+Claudy> but maybe thats more because i dont feel like sharing stuff with everyone
  146. [02:42:54] <+Claudy> and yes, i was already aware that i was'nt gonna let you invade my personal space, but i got my reasons for that
  147. [02:43:00] Zearen snuggle
  148. [02:43:06] <+Zearen> Buh zombies
  149. [02:43:08] <+Zearen> srsly
  150. [02:45:30] <+Claudy> anyway, have fun making up more reasons of failing analytical logic, i got bored with it many many moons ago

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